Student Concierge Service

It may be that you are new to the UK, or it’s your first time away from home. You might have limited time and hence would like to entrust this complex but important task to a team of experts with vast experience and knowledge in real estate. We are here to assist you and it’s our goal to ensure your smooth relocation and comfortable living in the Uk.
Using our concierge service means that you can have our support 7 days a week in this important next step in your life.

Why you may need this service:

In particular, many of the international students in the UK often experience difficulties in organising the accommodation throughout their studies due to various reasons such as:

  • No particular knowledge of the UK property sector and the process of renting
  • Limited amount of time and busy lifestyle
  • Limited options of student accommodation provided by your University
  • For students who have never rented in the UK, the process itself can be quiet challenging and frustrating.
  • If you are not currently in the UK – you may not be able to rent at all

How we make the difference:

These are the key points which make our service truly effective and valuable for our clients :

  • Bespoke assistance in finding the right property for you
  • Saved money and time thanks to our experience and knowledge in the property sector
  • Speed of the service and efficiency
  • If you are not in the UK – not a problem. You can view properties online with our dedicated personal manager
  • Each client has a dedicated personal manager who will provide support 7 days a week.

The SC package includes:

Our Student Concierge package will provide you with the most essential services such as:

  • Property search
  • Student accommodation search
  • Serviced apartment search
  • Set up of utility services: TV, Internet, gas, water, electricity
  • Household maintenance and cleaning
  • Assistance with relocation
  • Check-in and check-out support
  • TDS/DPS dispute resolution

In addition to the above Crown Ark Estates is happy to provide a bespoke package for you with tailored services per your request.

What we value:

Putting your trust in us doesn’t just give you peace of mind; it gives you the freedom to achieve your goals without being distracted by more mundane things in your life.

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