Conveniently located next to Hyde Park on the North side and and luxury shops on the South side, including the infamous Harrods department store where its unforgettable history and scandals with the Royal Family are as impressive as it’s exclusive items; Christian the lion, diamond manicure ($51,000), a teabag with diamonds ($15,250) and a $165 million yacht are just some of the things that have been sold in some of its 330 departments.

To the East is the Natural History Museum and the Royal Albert Hall where the more cultural performances take place.

In winter the Natural History Museum has an ice skating ring, whilst Hyde Park opens winter wonderland – a large area full of entertainment and activities for kids. The area is also home to Diocese of Sourozh, one of only two orthodox churches in London.

Knightsbridge is full of top restaurants; Zuma, Bhudda bar, Privee,  Koffman’s, Hawksmoor, Mari Vanna and many more.

The price for properties ranges from: £400,000 – £6,950,000

Average property price:  £2,229,813

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